Life is full of challenges, some big, some small, and some (like climate change) seem monumental and overwhelming.

However, the bigger they are, the greater the lessons within them.

And when it comes to climate change and ecological breakdown, the lessons are nothing short of a spiritual awakening.

As painful as it may be, suffering eco-anxiety is also an invitation for us to learn and grow.

It’s a call to action to expand our consciousness to become larger than our problems.

To think differently and dare to dream of a radically different, ecological civilisation.

To reimagine what it means to be human.

And to rediscover who we really are and why we’re really here.

It’s nothing short of a spiritual and cultural transformation.

Join me as I explore this shift, why it’s happening and where it may lead us as I stare down the truth and ask what it means to be happy, even at the end of the world.

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I love big ideas, dreaming, deep conversation and marrying my head with my heart.